Making Jenkins Better

Jez Higgins

Hello everyone. I'm Jez and I'm Chair of the Junior Section of Kings Heath Pickwick Hockey Club. Thanks for coming :)

KHP can trace its history back to mid-1800. The Junior section provides training and competition for kids from ages 4 upto 16, many of whom go on to play in the senior squads. Over the years our club's produced a number of national league and nation squad players.

We train on a Sunday morning, and if you're in the South Birmingham area do bring your kids along to have a go. We'd love to see you.

I'm making this rather oblique introduction for a number of reasons. I don't want to tout my "experience" as any kind of credentials. Over the course of what I laughingly call my career I've had the oppotunity to work on a number of interesting things, and with a number (a smaller number) of very good and interesting people. I've have I don't want to claim that what I've done makes me especially, or even particularly, qualified. In the grand scheme of things though, I've had a pretty mundane career. I'm just speaking from my experience and I hope it'll be helpful in your mundane careers.