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allankellynet has been a member of JezUK since 8th March 2005.

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But look at the effect your quest has had on you: not only do you know you have been on all these trains, not only do these trains have an physical effect on your body ("I felt a touch giddy") but your mind has been warped ("four new sets come into service next year").

Ask yourself, no, ask your wife, is it worth it? How much can one man take?
Added to The Coffee Grounds on 17:11, 15 Aug 2011

I've been an AA and RAC "member" in the past and their spouting off really-****es me off too - good to hear someone else things the same. You could try joining Green Flag, that have fewer pretensions.

As chair of the ACCU why don't you sound off on some issues on behalf of your members?

(Or maybe you want to call them customers?)

How Jez Higgins, Chairman of the ACCU said: "Our members are fed up seeing Government money wasted on code written without Unit Tests. Gordon Brown should mandate TDD to be used in all Government IT projects."

Added to The Coffee Grounds on 13:54, 24 Apr 2008

Great improvement!

- I especially like the VAT number, never know when your going to need that in a hurry :)
Added to The Coffee Grounds on 12:41, 17 Aug 2007


I'd say you where a genius but you told me it was so easy :)

I thought this would be possible but I donít have the knowledge of XSLT (or time) to do it. Knowing it is possible sets me wondering... it gives me a number of ideas

- we really could keep our C++ code (or Java, or C# or whatever) in step with our XML quite simply

- we could create a new generation of design tools which produced XML and a second set of tools which turn the XML into code, i.e. you get a front end and a back end.

Iím sure this will generate more ideas too.

Good work Jez, and thanks for playing with my idea.

Added to The Coffee Grounds on 09:32, 08 Mar 2005

Jez Higgins