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Wednesday 27 October, 2010
#Mango Release. Panic ye not!

Nothing earth shaking. just a small handful of predicates and a sequence. The new predicates are Nand, Nor, Xor, and Xnor which perform the logical operations you expect and OneOf, which evaluates a number of other predicates and returns true if one and only one of those is true. The new sequence is the NullSequence, which returns null after null after null.

The binaries are compiled with Java 6. The code builds fine with Java 5 though, so if you're using that just grab the source. The source bundle includes a javadoc build target, and the current Javadoc is available online, but you can grab the Javadoc seperately too.

The Mango code lives in a Bazaar repository. You can pull the code from :

    bzr branch http://jezuk.dnsalias.net/bzr/mango/trunk

The previous non-generic release, built with Java 1.4, is still available.

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Jez Higgins