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Thursday 13 May, 2010
#Mango Release. You can tell it's summer, the iterators are blooming.
A few years ago, my code-chum Thomas Guest wrote Zippy triples served with Python, a rather good article highlighting some of the neat iterators in the Python standard library. I've added similar iterators to Mango (although they are, of course, a little wordier than their Python originals) - ChainIterator, TeeIterator, ZipIterator - along with a GeneratorIterator and a new ConstantSequence (it makes sense when you see it). Wrapping up this release are new Any and All predicates. The binaries are compiled with Java 6. The code builds fine with Java 5 though, so if you're using that just grab the source. The source bundle includes a javadoc build target, and the current Javadoc is available online, but you can grab the Javadoc seperately too.

The Mango code lives in a Bazaar repository. You can pull the code from :

    bzr branch http://jezuk.dnsalias.net/bzr/mango/trunk

The previous non-generic release, built with Java 1.4, is still available.

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Jez Higgins