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Thursday 05 November, 2009
#Mango Release, now with added Generics

Over the past three or four weeks I've restarted work on Mango, dragging it into the modern age by throwing out the deprecated bits, making one or two little nips and tucks, and by generifying (if that's a real word) the library. So, I've cut a new release.

The binaries are compiled with Java 6. The code builds fine with Java 5 though, so if you're using that just grab the source. The source bundle includes a javadoc build target, and the current Javadoc is available online, but you can grab the Javadoc seperately too. It's not overflowing with words, if I'm honest, because the concepts Mango uses are pretty straightforward, but hopefully the Javadoc's not without its uses.

The Mango code is now lives in a Bazaar repository. You can pull the code from :

    bzr branch http://jezuk.dnsalias.net/bzr/mango/trunk

The previous non-generic release, built with Java 1.4, is still available.

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Jez Higgins