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Friday 28 May, 2004
#Mango still lives.
Uploaded a new release today. It adds a couple of additional algorithms, and two new iterators, SkippingIterator and, much more interesting, TransformIterator.
Cool! Will the next version have a MincingIterator ? :-)

Seriously(ish) - any thought about integrating with Jakarta Commons Collections ? The two libraries share some common concepts and it would be nice to be able to use them together...
kal, 1st Jun 2004

It's worth another look I suppose. I did track the commons-dev mailing list for some time a while back, but there seemed to be no movement on Collections at the time. (It was all Bean this and Jelly that.)

Commons Collections and Mango have similar iterators and unary predicates, so perhaps the algorithms part would fit with them.

I'll have another go at their mailing list perhaps.
jez, 2nd Jun 2004

Well, I'm a bit late to the conversation, but I also am a bit curious about the Commons Functor work. Do they make sense to you??

I'm not at all clear if they've become less verbose, one of the main reasons for Functors etc.

Hope all is well,

backspaces, 6th Sep 2006

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