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Tuesday 17 September, 2002
# We decided over the weekend that we're going to move house. We're going to sell up here and move a few miles over the city to Moseley. Moseley a much more residential area than where we are at the moment, and it's much easier for lots of fun stuff for kiddies (and grown-ups). The roads are quieter, and seem to have an enormous number of trees planted along them. We'll be getting somewhere a bit smaller, and we so should be able to hammer the mortgage right down too. And it's nearer to Waitrose. Bonus!

We've taken some financial risks that didn't come off in the last year, and somethings which shouldn't have been risky turned out to be. The contracts market is improving, but it's still very much a buyers market. No matter how strong your technical skills, if you haven't previously worked in a bank for instance, your chance of getting one of the many jobs in the City of London are verging on nil. The rates are down too, and also getting the age where I'm actually starting to look to old for a lot of jobs. IT isn't always somewhere that values experience. So getting the mortgage down would be a good plan.

In many ways, this can be a really good and positive thing to do. It's sad to be leaving after all the work that went in. I still find the kitchen a novelty and it's been in a year. It's also difficult not to feel forced out - perhaps if our invoices had been paid we'd have battled on through. But it's done and we've decided. The valuer will be here in about twenty minutes. We're on our way.

batty_bee said No more dog and wife jogging around the 'wood hood? I'll miss that. [added 17th Sep 2002]
prashton said Now, please understand, my recollections of Moseley are dated - about 45 years - but I remember signs advertizing the rugby at the Reddings, and thinking, as I drove with my mother from Earlswood to the family business in the jewelry district, that Moseley was an all right place.

At that time my brother and sister-in-law lived in Edgbaston (my sister-in-law still lives in the same house!) while my father's cousin, spinster Aunt Lizzie, lived nearby on Jacey Road. Parts of Edgbaston were considered to be "less desirable" in those days, and it was the Moseley side that was considered to be OK (around the cricket ground and Cannon Hill Park.

April underwent an operation a year ago at the Nuffield Hospital and I was struck by the beauty of this side of Birmingham (once the taxi had gotten me away from that hell-hole of sixties architecture, New Street Station). Good luck in your search for a new home! [added 18th Sep 2002]

Stu said My Mum's house is up for sale in a very nice part of Moseley. Not your traditional Edwardian stuff though.

Near Canon Hill Park, good schools, good neighbours (and good fences), des res. in need of a little updating. [added 18th Sep 2002]

batty_bee said <stalker>

And also, not seeing Jez running errands with headphones (and the dog) will be a loss in my little life.


How much is the house valued at? We're looking to buy atm. [added 18th Sep 2002]

Angie [e] said Good luck Jez and family. [added 19th Sep 2002]

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