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Monday 27 April, 2015
#The Forest Road Reader, No 137 : It Looks Better In The Pictures

Was stood up for a phone interview this afternoon. Sat, sadly, by phone for a good 45 minutes waiting for a call that never came. *sniff*

Maybe they'll phone later in the week. Maybe not. Thanks to a serendipitous email and Natalie's amazing negotiating skillz I was at work, in the shadow of the BT Tower, on the lower reaches of Birmingham's hip'n'swinging Jewelry Quarter.

Birmingham's BT Tower is, by a distance, the tallest building in the city. Well, building might be over-egging it a bit. Close up, it's less a modern monument to the information age, and more akin to one of those training towers you see behind fire stations, albeit one that might require the services of Red, Blue and Green watches.


» The EU, homeopathy and Norwegian vets : We can't find any evidence that there is such a directive. - Full Fact on the Telegraph's case there. The mere existence of Full Fact should be a source of shame to our national media organisations.

» First Look at Total War: Warhammer is Totally Warhammer : This is a good trailer. Itís a good trailer even though it doesnít contain even a picosecond of in-game footage ... Anyway, youíll want to watch this. - There's never been a completely successful adaptation of a Games Workshop game, and yet still we hope.


Good job I bought that MacBook. I'd have looked well out of place in that office with the Dell.

I then spoiled it by saying "I'd have looked well out of place in this office with my Dell" and mumbling something about running Linux on the desktop.

smellygit said You bought a Macbook!!!!! [added 28th Apr 2015]
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