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Friday 24 April, 2015
#The Forest Road Reader, No 136 : Be Here Now

My living in Birmingham was a frequent source of confusion and amusement to my London-office colleagues. Frequently, of course, people had absolutely no idea where or how far away it was. More than once people expressed incredulity that I was traveling from Birmingham to London and back the same day. If I explained that the train only took 90 minutes, and if I really got my skates on I could go door-to-door in not much more that two hours, they'd often start to look a bit uncomfortable. Hour-plus commutes are not uncommon, and many people travelled much longer than that. Truth is, I was probably had a shorter journey than many made every day, and with far fewer train cancellations.

More recently, the subject of HS2 and how much I was looking forward to it or not was a common source speculation. I simply pointed out that HS2 and its 45 minute travel time wasn't due to reach Birmingham until 2026 and leave it at that. If HS2 does ever reach Curzon Street, its 250mph trains will probably look pretty pedestrian compared to whatever the Japanese come up with to top their 374mph maglev beast of a train.


» Sneak Peek: INJ Culbard’s adaptation of “The King in Yellow”, out next month - INJ Culbard has never made a bad comic. Looking forward to this.

» Great city walks: Birmingham - Cannon Hill to Highbury. Talk about a soft option.

» From the For-Fuck's-Sake newswire - EU orders Britain's organic farmers to treat sick animals with homeopathy. This stupid piece of rules-making is news enough by itself, and there's really no need for the Telegraph to over-egg the EU vs Britain angle. This applies EU wide and, as the story admits, it even emerged that the British government had voted in favour of the new rules. Jesus.

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