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Sunday 17 August, 2014
#The Forest Road Reader, No 134 : A Small Story From The Internet

Once, yes once in the far distant past my office up at the top of the house was as tidy and as organised an office at the top of the house as one could wish for. Those days have gone, but in an effort to regain something of my past tidy office glory I had a bit of tidy up. In the middle of a pile of bits of paper I found this

In August 1991 I did not know a Jessica or Sam Colman, and in any case was newly arrived in Northampton, living in digs. Faced with such a mystery naturally my first thought was to tweet about it. Others could perhaps smile at our own past childish enthusiams, and then it would be forgotten and we'd all go back to whatever it was we were doing.

But no ...

By this time, I'd remembered that the people who lived here before we did were called Colman. That solved part of the mystery, although it still doesn't explain how the note ended up in a pile in my office. I clicked through @Jesscolman, who turns out to be the producer of Coast, and then ...

Well, blimey!

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