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Wednesday 14 November, 2012
#Thanks but No Thanks

Unexpected parcel arrived yesterday. Nothing so odd about that - I pre-order things relatively often, chip-in to Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go projects, and what have you - so a surprise parcel isn't, in fact, that much of a surprise. Yesterday's parcel was your genuine unsolicited surprise - a bottle of wine, all bundled up in a wooden box, from my accoutant. A little card inside read Thank you for your recommendation, cheers to many more of them ...

Weak pun aside, I am uncomfortable with this. I like my accountants and did recently recommend them to someone, so I assume that's what has triggered this bottle.

If I give you a recommendation or an endorsement, particularly in a professional context, I'm staking my reputation, such as it might be, on someone else. That's not something I do lightly. I wouldn't do it looking for any kind of quid pro quo or kickback, and I feel awkward now it's happened. I might ask them not to do it again.

allan [e] [w] said When I was in the US a friend recommended a dentist. Then added that they got some sort of kick-back if I told the dentist I'd acted on the recommendation. Placed me in an unease dilemma, particularly given the price of US dentist and the amount they would save! [added 17th Nov 2012]

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