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Friday 22 February, 2002
#I am an expert on Curling.
And so are all my friends. As is everyone else who was in The White Horse last night.

One minute were engaging in pub conversation. A moment later, as the landlord flicked the big telly over to BBC2, we are the nation's experts on curling. We came into the match with 'our girls' leading 3 - 1. The conversation died completely as the Swiss came back to 3 - 2.

Last orders. No one moved.

3 - 3

Time. Still no one moved.

We have the last stone in the final end. The advantage is with us.

The Swiss start strongly.

We battle back, the Swiss still seem well placed.

Five stones in, and unbelieveably, the lights come on and the big telly scrolls up into its little box.

We run from the pub and surge up the High Street to Ian's place. Then we remember it's curling, and so we can safely stroll and still be in time for the finish.

And what a fantastic finish. We went utterly bonkers, pronounced sagely on Rhona Martin's nerves of steel, watched it again and then reeled off home in a state of high excitement.

Bloody marvellous.

angry_john said You'll be liking that football game before you know it! [added 22nd Feb 2002]
smellygit said And Darts

And bowling which is like curling without the ice or sweeping up [added 22nd Feb 2002]

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