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Tuesday 17 January, 2012
#Things I enjoyed in 2011 - Rapid run down

Omitting much and in no particular order ...

The Guardian Developer Drop-In, particularly meeting Emma Mulqueeny. She's fab. Harry and I tandeming our first 100km Audax. Tandeming our second 100km - our third year at the Welland Wonder - flapjacks from Mike, riding with Clive again, having to wait for the end of the over before riding through a cricket ground. Releasing the CycleStreets Android app. Going to a wrestling show at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall and briefly speaking to Takeshi Morishima. He's a massive man, with a very gentle handshake. The Sherlock Holmes adaptations by Edginton and Culbard. Taking my brother to see the tremendous Dragon Gate UK wrestling show in Nottingham. Cycling from Fishguard across the Preseli Hills and back. Heading back to Wolverhampton with my chums Mike and Simon to see Lou Reed play. Collecting the last of the Virgin Pendolinos. Twice. Cycling around London. Portal 2. Adventure Time. 2000AD - it really is a fantastic comic. Did a two year catch up in during February and came away properly suffering from Thrill-Power Overload.

Russ L said Mercy, I'm so out of touch with pro-wres nowadays. Is that "Dragon Gate" as in what-done-used-to-be-"Toryumon"? Do they regularly put on cards over here nowadays, or was this a one-off?

And Morishima from Morishima/Rikio, blimey. I'm pleased to hear that he's still going, although I couldn't easily tell you precisely why I am. [added 18th Jan 2012]

The very same Dragon Gate that spun out when Ultimo Dragon folded up Toryumon, yes. They've been over the last three years, doing a couple of shows each time and they've been really brilliant. The wrestlers work their socks off, the crowd has a ball, and the whole thing is just fantastic.

Morishima's only young by Japanese standards - thirty three, I think. I was sitting in my seat at the end of the show, just waiting for the crowd to clear. Someone start working their way down the row of seats, and I stood up to let them past and it was Takeshi Morishima in the massive flesh. The internet tells me we're the same height, but I felt like a tiny child next to him. Trying not to mark out too much, I mumbled "arigato" and shook his hand. He bowed. Then I got out of his enormous way.

[added 18th Jan 2012]
Russ L said Heh. A proper heavyweight. [added 19th Jan 2012]

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