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Sunday 13 April, 2008

It's our fifteenth wedding anniversary today, so naturally I spent the morning in A&E.

Made a cake this evening though. There's something quite exciting about deciding to a bit of baking at eight in the evening.

Russ L said A&E? Is everyone alright?

Happy anniversary for yesterday. [added 14th Apr 2008]

Thanks. Daniel injured his wrist at gymnastics training on Saturday evening. Sunday morning it was up like a balloon, so we went down to A&E at the Children's Hospital. After some prodding and poking (and an X-Ray) they confirmed he's got a buckle fracture. Fortunately, we had a gymnastics aware doctor (daughter trains with Wyre Forest) and he not only diagnosed, but was able to advise on how and when to go back into training. [added 14th Apr 2008]
Russ L said That's alright then. Long as it's nothing life-threatening. [added 15th Apr 2008]

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