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Tuesday 02 October, 2007
#14 gigs in 14 nights

GDFAF, open this year to the whole worldly world, is almost upon us. The chances of me managing two gigs in two nights are pretty slim, let alone fourteen in a fortnight - too much else going on. Not necessarily my goings on, but with Natalie or the nippers, or some combination thereof. I tell myself that "not being as young as I once was" isn't a factor though, and I think it might actually be true too. Whichever, I'm going for the as near as you can manage version of GDFAF.

I'll be opening on Saturday with an ACCU Committee meeting in Nottingham. I'm not sure if that counts, but I am taking samosas which adds a certain novelty. On Monday, I'll be joining Ken, The Baron, and RussL to see Thomas Dolby. If he manages to balance the new stuff he wants to play with the old stuff we went along to hear to everyone's mutual satisfaction it'll be super. The Academy 2 isn't the world's loveliest venue, but it does allow the audience to chat with the artist between songs. It'll be fun, I'm sure. On Wednesday night, Natalie and I will be out and about to the see Cirque Du Soleil. I suffered the pain of paying for the tickets so long ago that I can now just go and enjoy myself. I've no real idea of what to expect, which I've found almost always leads to having a good time.

Erm, that's it.

So far.

If I don't take the kids camping, I will be at Hare and Hounds to see Jeffrey Lewis. My chum in Boston (that is Mass. not Lincs.) Marc tells me the current Rush tour is jolly good, but they're playing at the NEC Arena which I really don't enjoy going to. The Pram album launch at the Town Hall is pretty certain. I'm rather conflicted about springing for a ticket to one of the WWE wrestling cards at the NIA. They'll probably be fun, but the lack of delay between paying and going means I'll still be a bit fun-for-the-money conscious. Anything else, I'll just have to see how it goes. And chaps, I am open to suggestion and invitation. As I hope you know, my default position is to not to assess but just say yes*

*Subject to availability :)

wunderwoman said Tut tut- could do better - definitely old before your time! Would give it a go myself if I wasn't so busy. Maybe next year - only not in Birmingham - obviously :) [added 2nd Oct 2007]
I see how this works. It's ok for you to be too busy ... [added 2nd Oct 2007]
Russ L said I'd really recommend that you get a ticket for the Pram gig, if you're thinking of going. I understand they're on their way to disappearing.

This is, of course, assuming that you don't know people who'll get you in irrespective of whether or not it's sold out. Knowing you, you probably do. [added 2nd Oct 2007]

I don't know that I know people, but now you've mentioned it I think I might have an angle if I could be bothered to pursue it. But I can't. [added 2nd Oct 2007]
Russ L said A ticket may be for the best, then.

You certainly seem to know everyone. It's the impression I've gathered, anyway. [added 3rd Oct 2007]

I actually know very few people, but it turns out that they know pretty everyone else and if they don't they know someone who does. [added 3rd Oct 2007]
And there I am, all ticketed up. [added 3rd Oct 2007]

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