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Friday 08 June, 2007

Generally, you can't believe a word that comes out of a wrestling commentator's mouth. Their job, after all, is to help tell the story of the match. They will, for example, describe someone as a "veteran" if they need to emphasis someone's age, and as a "young man" to push them as plucky underdog. They'll do this even if the "veteran" is actually younger that than the "young man". Tonight though, during the Yang/Kendrick/London vs Guerrero/Daivari/Noble six-man tag, JBL said "this is fun to watch" and it was the absolute truth. I never thought I'd say this, but hurrah for him.

Russ L said Is JBL doing commentary frequently now, or was that a one-off?

I tell you what, Jez - I have a pile of pro-wrestling stuff I could do with getting rid of (for space reasons). Ebay is too much fuss and I'd rather give it away to someone who would actually be interested (rather than just taping 'Eastenders' over it). It's mostly copied VHS, but with some original VHS/copied DVDs/original DVDs. There's a fair mix of Japanese stuff, American indies, mainstream American stuff, a bit of Mexican stuff etc.

All free, if you can take it off my hands. I don't mind sticking it in a bin bag and bringing it to a pub in town if needs be. I can type up a list if that's absolutely necessary, but for giving it away for free that sounds like too much fuss to me. There's some obvious stuff (J-Cup etc, AAA When Worlds Collide etc), some less obvious stuff (various sundry non-big NJPW events), some stuff somewhere between the two (a five video Misawa compilation), and loads else too.

Interested? Email me at the RussLStylee that happens to be at the Yahoo of the dot com if you don't want to talk about it here. [added 9th Jun 2007]

He's been the colour man on Smackdown for about a year or so. While I don't really go for his redneck heel persona, he's turned out to be a much better commentator than I expected. He can advance a storyline, he knows his wrestling history, although a heel he's not above praising faces, and he can be extremely funny. He has the misfortune, though, to be paired with Michael Cole as the lead man, who is really quite dreadful. [added 11th Jun 2007]

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