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Friday 02 June, 2006
#[linkfarm] A guy who owned a comic shop in Hull, England, really tried his best to get me into Grimjack a whole nine years before I actually got round to buying and reading an issue - The sole online reference that I could find to my one-time comics dealer, Jack.

   * jon [e] said Was it Armadillo (which changed to Springbank Comics, then vanished withou a trace)? The staff there were funny. Especially the ginger bloke. He was right tosser. "If you're not buying anything, don't come in!" Hahahahahahahah. Wonderful memories. [added 22nd Mar 2008]

No, it was Final Frontier, later Grimjacks, on Princes Avenue. [added 22nd Mar 2008]

   * alex [e] said hi im have in my possion two mint copys of 2000-ad issuse 4/5 still in pakaging never opened im havin truble finding the best place to sell. im looking for a collectors does anybody know were to find a collector? [added 27th Jul 2009]

   * PH [e] said Also if you buy 13 of comics by mail order they keep the money & the shop disappears. [added 18th Jul 2014]

   * Jon said Seven years later, by way of many internet searches and coincidences, I stumble back upon this page, out of the blue. I'll comment on the reply to my previous comment. Final Frontier? Grimjacks? After 28 years of living in the area, (21 years at the time of first commenting), I've never heard of that place. Hull doesn't really seem the sort of place that would accommodate two specialist comic shops. Learn something new every day. Or at least every 7 years. [added 2nd Aug 2015]

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