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Tuesday 25 October, 2005
#Pumpkin anyone?

The Bean and I will be taking the knife to a very large pumpkin tomorrow afternoon. Well, he is a small boy and halloween is coming, and all that. When I say very large I mean once we've hollowed it out, we can fit Hal inside and put the top back on (or rather we could, but we'll probably do something more conventional like put a candle in it).

These pumpkin carving shenanighans will inevitably lead to a surfeit of pumpkin flesh. I'm going to roast some of it, to use in soup or risotto, but I'm sure they'll be a quantity left over. If you'd like some, give me a call and you can come and collect it. There are a million yummy things you can do with it - ravioli (if you're keen), soups (Thai or Italian style), risotto, pie, lots of stews - so why not, eh?

I've no idea how it'll taste. My Mum grew it on her allotment in sunny Cardiff, and everything else we've had from there has been top (if slightly smaller) so it should be fine. It'll be a bit bland at worst, I reckon. Anyway, if I haven't put you off, do call.

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