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Wednesday 27 August, 2003
#The Highway Code - Rule 92
The horn. Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively. You MUST NOT use your horn except when another vehicle poses a danger.
angry_john said Ah, just you wait, the EU will soon be harmonising the use of the horn to ensure that it is mandatory to lean on it whilst stationary in traffic jam as a way of letting the person in front know that you are waiting. [added 28th Aug 2003]
anonymous said And apparently in Glasgow, the definition of a nanosecond is "the time interval between a traffic light changing from red to amber and the car behind sounding the horn." [added 8th Nov 2006]
Paul Bradley [e] said 'Inappropriate use of a horn'

I was told by a beat bobby about this after using my horn to move an idiot who was parked on double yellow lines blocking all the traffic turning into and out of the road I was trying to get out of. I have heard it all now!!! Why bother putting a horn on a car if you can't use it.

Bigibrd. [added 16th Jul 2009]

pcavaney said Why have a horn? - so all the inconsiderate gits out there can wake up night workers, kids, people having a quiet kip after tea, avoid getting off their idle backsides to knock or ring a doorbell. The rules aren't made for fun, they are there to "protect the Queens peace" and you should observe them. [added 8th Dec 2009]
anonymous said The horn is one of the most important controls fitted to a motor vehicle. Here are the situations in which it should be used: to alert a person of your presence2 [added 21st Jan 2010]
upyoursarsehole [e] [w] said why ring the bell when u can annoy ur x and his neighbours lol [added 21st Jan 2010]
anonymous said 10 am just been woken up by a driving instructor blowing her horn twice to let my neighbour know she was sat 5 meters away waiting to take her on her lesson.The blind leading the blide

Rowley Regis [added 17th Aug 2010]

anonymous said I think a baseball bat is the only answer for the inconsiderate people who can't follow a simple rule and have respect for others!

Woken up at 6.30am for the last 3 weeks despite asking politely for them to stop! now the council & police are involved [added 14th Jan 2011]

P Norris [e] said live on a country lane, single track winding. Drivers use horn all the way down approx 500yrds. When I have asked why they say to warn drivers coming the other way. They do not reduce their speed, so where do they expect the other drivers to go?? Surely you should drive according to the conditions of the road not the speed limit [added 11th Jun 2011]
chuffa [e] said My boy's mate, when he comes to pick him up sounds his horn a couple of times to let him know he is there. He then sounds his horn several times just to wind me up. Ive told my boy it is against the highway code. Also there are people with young children that are sleeping, which are awakened by this laimo. If I torch his car with him in it or out of it, would I get an O.B.E. [added 17th Oct 2011]
Linny [e] said I have someone HONKING their horn to picking their daughter up from boyfriends house 10.10pm every week night. this has been happening for nearly a year and has woken my now 10month old baby up several times. I have asked politely pocking my head out of the window for them to stop, they stop for a few nights then carry one.

Does anyone know who I report this to? I feel lame reporting it but its driving me mad! [added 18th May 2012]

anonymous said damn british; 'oh no my sleep', 'oh no my kids', 'peace to all that don't want to be surprised or hear anything above their own radio volume level.'

Move to Russia or India. Then think again. [added 5th Jul 2012]

anonymous said Beep anytime when u need a horn is a horn just a noise not like a bomb going off. [added 23rd Oct 2012]
Hercules said I have an old man who picks up a neighbour most mornings in his Lexus. As he drives past the house, he honks his horn to let him know he's there - at around 8.05.

I asked him (politely) to stop and he said "I have a right to do it after 7am" and carried on; repeated requests have been ignored. I have a medical condition which disturbs my sleep and have to catch up by sleeping late (I am retired) and I'm sick of it. The police say they can only appeal to his good will. [added 14th Nov 2012]

herb said there ought to be a law brought in preventing misuse of horns at anytime. have just been woken by a motorbike horn at 3.30am. [added 1st Apr 2013]
Harry [e] said @Hercules I am sure there is a nuisance law this man is breaking. Try reporting to a more sympathetic police person. [added 21st Jul 2013]
Bike Van CarMan [e] said @ Paul Bradley. Did you inform the beat bobby that you needed to make him aware of your presence. And the presence of the traffic queue behind you. And that his ILLEGAL parking posed a danger?

The problem with beat bobbies is that they don't have instant access to 'chapter and verse' of the Road Traffic Act like the officers in traffic cars do. [added 31st Aug 2013]

Jane [e] said Checking on here for the Regulations as to when to use your horn, after a debate with friends. I am British but now living in Barbados, where they use the horn for everything! Such as;

When they see a Pretty Girl

When they see someone they know which is all the time, as a small Island and everyone know everyone.

When a car overtakes ok & so many more! [added 7th Nov 2013]

Ste'vo [e] said Propa at my wits end, the boy racers who find Mcdonalds car park opposite my house there meet spot keep making musical renditions with there horns. I wouldn't mind, but by the sound of it not one of them have have any musical talent.

I think unless you have a licence to do so ie, a taxi driver or really need to do so because of danger, fines and possible points should be considered for misuse.

Im not the only one in my street who finds this a pain, as many of us

have families with young children and night shifts to think about, plus medical conditions. It won't be long before one of my neighbours takes matters into there own hands its that bad.

[added 26th Apr 2014]

sam [e] said You must not use a horn when..... see rule 112 highway code

[added 26th Oct 2014]

sam [e] said Quote rule 112 (not 92!) Rule 112

Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively.

You MUST NOT use your horn

while stationary on the road

when driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am

except when another road user poses a danger. [added 26th Oct 2014]

Sam [e] said I just asked a Taxi driver not to use his horn outside my front door. I live opposite block of apartments! you can imagine. Got abuse. rang his office, got abuse. Rang police - not their problem... call council. Wish me luck! So why when I,m driving everything in highway code is Police matter and punishable by fines, points and public execution! [added 14th Dec 2014]
anonymous said Hi I have also confronted a taxi driver disputes the law when I told him, but he says he will not do it again..watch this space

[added 2nd Sep 2015]

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