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Monday 14 July, 2003
# Been working for the boys in Cardiff for 10 months now. When I started, they said, in quite strong terms that it was a 12 week engagement, there was no budget beyond that, so don't even think about an extension. Well, that suited me at the time, because I didn't want to be away from home any longer than I really had to, and I thought (mistakenly as it turned out) that the contract market would be picking up again and so I'd get something nearer home.

Well, I did my 12 weeks and they offered me some more work. I said yes if they'd let me work from home. They did, and we've not looked back since. That "absolutely no budget" ran on and on. And on. And on. Finally though, it did look like we'd reached the end. There simply didn't seem to be any more work to do, and it seemed that the strange stretchy budget really had run out. We agreed a final couple of weeks, to run up to last Friday, and then we'd finally shake hands, slap each other manfully on the shoulder and stride off.

Imagine my surprise then (as they say), when instead of the handshaking and shoulder slapping, they presented the spec for another month's worth of new work.

Hurrah! Thanks to chum Kal, I'm about to spend a couple of weeks on a job for a new client, then we're off on holiday for a week, then off again for the Cardiff boys. The wolf is once more averted.

Buckeye [e] said Fantastic! I take back (nearly) everything I've said about the Welsh [added 14th Jul 2003]
Or as they would have it "Champion!" [added 15th Jul 2003]
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