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Friday 14 March, 2003
#Boxes for the stupid
A box with a helpful message printed on it
smellygit said So who sent you that box? They certainly knew how to personalize it for the recipient :p [added 14th Mar 2003]
Pete [w] said I could be wrong, but it looks very much like a book publishers box - possibly TBS or Harpercollins. They do that because the design of the box means if it is stacked upside down the books get fucked up. The box is basically a tray with the books held in place by plastic - no padding or packing chips.

So, what was in the box? [added 14th Mar 2003]

The box, approx 40x30x20cms, contained a bit of software I'd bought. That was in a box 24x20x4cms.

It rattled. [added 14th Mar 2003]

marc said Hmm, looks like I have the exact same cable modem thingy as you. [added 14th Mar 2003]

The JezUK Network Ops Centre consists of

an 8-port 3Com OfficeConnect hub (used to use 2 when Nat's PC was in another room),

a Linksys Router/Hub (used a normal router until it died, then PCWorld only had this in stock),

a Netgear ME102 Wireless AP, and

a SURFboard cable modem as supplied by Telewest.

The cable modem is ace. It just works.

[added 14th Mar 2003]

Marc said It is the same, mine's a SURFboard SB410 as supplied by Charter. Like you say, it just works. It's connected to a LinkSys EtherFast Wireless Access Point / Router / 4 port 10/100 switch. [added 15th Mar 2003]
I did think about getting one of those all-in-one router/hub/WAP boxes, but it seemed a bit of a waste of money seeing as I already had the router and hub bits :) Plus, I didn't want to reduce my little-flashing-lights count. [added 15th Mar 2003]

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