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Live from my attic high above Birmingham's Forest Road!
   See software development in action!

The image will update every couple of minutes, so stay tuned for exciting events like going for coffee or standing up to open the window. The camera isn't always on, but it should be fairly obvious when it isn't because the little date stamp in the corner there won't be very recent.

You can also launch the cam in a popup window.

Tech Stuff
The camera is built into my Dell laptop, which is why it's staring at me from that low angle. I'm using Yawcam to snap the pictures and upload them.
The desktop snapshot was captured a long time ago with this cute little piece of software.

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Tuned in at 15:35 on 25/03/03 to see you properly dressed for a change and sporting slightly more hair than usual. I see the move to up town Mosely has done you good.
by BuckeyeBoy on 25th Mar 2003

Go goatee go ...
by ajbattrick on 23rd Dec 2002

Like the SUSE LINUX T shirt
by smellygit on 21st Jul 2002

Your camebra is all blurry.

BTW, about the other day. I didn't realise that you knew who I was, and I got really freaked out.
by batty_bee on 8th Jul 2002

I can see where you've been going wrong, your desk is far too ordered. Simply scatter scrap paper and used coffee cups and all your programming woes will be over
by angry_john on 22nd Jan 2002

Hmm less yahoo chatting and more coding I reckon
by angry_john on 10th Jan 2002

Stop skiving and DO SOME WORK!
by kal on 23rd Nov 2001

The ducked head, exposed forehead thing.

Not a flattering shot.
by stephen prestage on 17th Sep 2001

My office mate said 'Argg!'
by smellygit on 14th Sep 2001

My office mate says what's wrong with you?
by Ali on 10th Sep 2001

Jez Higgins