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Thursday 27 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] Question Time, 27 May 2010 - This week, for the first time in my three years as executive editor of Question Time, we were told by Downing Street that a cabinet minister would only appear on the programme if another member of the panel was replaced. According to No 10, a senior member of the cabinet was available to do Question Time but only if Alastair Campbell was replaced by a member of the shadow cabinet.
Curious, at best.

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Wednesday 26 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] The cleanest toilet I've ever seen in a comic shop. - Dan Clowes. A proud moment in Gosh! history.
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Monday 24 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] Boost::Locale
In development, but looks pretty useful.

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Sunday 23 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] What Katy Did Next
For a short period a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, WKDN were my favourite band. I'm quietly thrilled to find this.

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#[linkfarm] States of Unrest YouTube channel
If you're thinking "States of Unrest? Weren't they? Can it be?" the answer is yes, it was, it is.

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Saturday 22 May, 2010
#[elsewhere] he's under standing instructions to smile and wave
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Friday 21 May, 2010
#[mango]Zippy Triples with Groovy and Mango

Here's a Groovy version of the Java code below. It's more or less identical to the Python original.

import uk.co.jezuk.mango.Iterators

def prev_this_next(items) {
  chain = Iterators.ChainIterator(null, items, null)
  (prev, current, next) = Iterators.TeeIterator(chain, 3)
  return Iterators.ZipIterator(prev, current, next)

long_weekend = ["Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", "Monday"]
yesterday_today_tomorrow = prev_this_next(long_weekend)
for(ytt in yesterday_today_tomorrow) 
  println ytt
Thomas Guest [e] [w] said Zippy, fruity, groovy ... YEAH!

(Nice work, Jez) [added 22nd May 2010]

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#[mango]Zippy triples served with Java and Mango

Here's a fairly direct transliteration of some of the code presented in Thomas Guest's Zippy Triples served with Python. As you might anticipate, it's a little wordier than the Python original, but it's still a nice example of using iterators in an unusual way to neatly solve a problem.

import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;

import uk.co.jezuk.mango.Collections;
import uk.co.jezuk.mango.Iterators;

public class ZippyTriples
    static public void main(final String[] args)
        List<String> long_weekend = Collections.list("Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", "Monday");
        Iterator<List<String>> yesterday_today_tomorrow = prev_this_next(long_weekend);

            List<String> ytt = yesterday_today_tomorrow.next();
            for(String d : ytt)
                System.out.print(" ");

    static Iterator<List<String>> prev_this_next(final List<String> items)
        Iterator<String> chain = Iterators.ChainIterator(null, items, null);
        List<Iterator<String>> prev_this_next = Iterators.TeeIterator(chain, 3);
        Iterator<String> prev = prev_this_next.get(0);
        Iterator<String> current = prev_this_next.get(1);
        Iterator<String> next = prev_this_next.get(2);


        return Iterators.ZipIterator(prev, current, next);
Laz Taylor [e] [w] said Hello,

very nice example. Are You also programming in PHP?

It is better and more friendly than Python I think.


Laz [added 9th Jun 2010]

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Wednesday 19 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] AGON - Agon is an action-packed roleplaying game about ancient Greek heroes who face brutal tests from the gods. With bravery, cunning, honor, and strength, one hero will prove to be the greatest and secure immortality in legend.
Agon supports fast-paced, competitive play, with mechanics designed to create an even playing field for players and the game master. Oath-swearing and trash-talking are highly encouraged.

Competitive tabletop RPG? Intriguing.

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Monday 17 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] Ronnie James Dio: An Appreciation - As a teenage metal head I may have spent more time listening to Ronnie James Dio, who died today from cancer, than any other singer.
I, too, have an exceedingly soft spot for Dio. My sole trip, as a callow youth, to Monsters of Rock was because Dio were on the bill. They were terrific, and the whole trip (involving carpet laying, quite a lot of Becks beer, a diet consisting almost entirely of Hobnobs, and an extended walk back to Derby in the middle of the night) was well worth it.

   * Russ L said Carpet laying, you say? [added 21st May 2010]

An essential part of the rock'n'roll gig-goers lifestyle. [added 24th May 2010]

   * Russ L said I really would like to know the story, please. It sounds like a good one. Pretty please with a cherry on top. [added 24th May 2010]

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Thursday 13 May, 2010
#[mango]Mango Release. You can tell it's summer, the iterators are blooming.
A few years ago, my code-chum Thomas Guest wrote Zippy triples served with Python, a rather good article highlighting some of the neat iterators in the Python standard library. I've added similar iterators to Mango (although they are, of course, a little wordier than their Python originals) - ChainIterator, TeeIterator, ZipIterator - along with a GeneratorIterator and a new ConstantSequence (it makes sense when you see it). Wrapping up this release are new Any and All predicates. The binaries are compiled with Java 6. The code builds fine with Java 5 though, so if you're using that just grab the source. The source bundle includes a javadoc build target, and the current Javadoc is available online, but you can grab the Javadoc seperately too.

The Mango code lives in a Bazaar repository. You can pull the code from :

    bzr branch http://jezuk.dnsalias.net/bzr/mango/trunk

The previous non-generic release, built with Java 1.4, is still available.

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Wednesday 12 May, 2010
#[linkfarm] Guardian : Gordon Brown's last moments inside No 10 - Brown takes the phone call from Clegg that seals his resignation.
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Wednesday 05 May, 2010
# I'm all for a chap having a hobby, I just don't think it should be running the country.
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