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Monday 29 March, 2010
#[linkfarm] I accosted the litter louts, and you should too - "Open up now," I yelled, "because you aren't going to get away with it, M*58 H*3! I am the mayor!"
I do sometimes wish Boris Johnson wasn't a Tory.

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Wednesday 24 March, 2010
#[linkfarm] Welcome to Sevenoaks, and put your watches back 25 years for cyclists - If I told you that the busy main road near my house was safe for polar bears because there is no record of polar bear casualties on it, you would probably think my reasoning was flawed.
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Saturday 13 March, 2010
#[linkfarm] Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec
Looks fantastic!

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#[linkfarm] STAR TREK is... - A one-hour dramatic television series. Action - Adventure - Science Fiction. The first such concept with strong central lead characters plus other continuing regulars.
Gene Roddenberry's original pitch

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Friday 12 March, 2010
#[linkfarm] The Graphing Calculator Story - In October, when we thought we were almost finished, engineers who had been helping us had me demonstrate our software to their managers. A dozen people packed into my office. I didn't expect their support, but I felt obliged to make a good-faith effort to go through their official channels. I gave a twenty-minute demonstration, eliciting "oohs" and "ahhs." Afterward, they asked, "Who do you report to? What group are you in? Why haven't we seen this earlier?" I explained that I had been sneaking into the building and that the project didn't exist. They laughed, until they realized I was serious. Then they told me, "Don't repeat this story."
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Wednesday 10 March, 2010
#Harry wrote a poem
Carrot sticks and cucumber make you fart.
You have carrot sticks and cucumber.

His first. Can you tell?

Anna said Here is one of my early efforts:

Cherries and bananas are growing on the trees

I like to pick them and hold them by their skins

In a similar vein. [added 11th Mar 2010]

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Tuesday 09 March, 2010
#[linkfarm] nXhtml - Emacs Utilities for Web Development
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#[linkfarm] 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know - ... pearls of wisdom for programmers collected from leading practitioners ...
For the record, the first 97TEPSK I read was Thomas Guest's.

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#[linkfarm] Sixteen Thirty Something - Fan Improvement of a Wallace Game
That's Martin Wallace, but if you knew that then I didn't need to tell you, and if you didn't then you won't be any more informed now.

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Thursday 04 March, 2010
#First ice cream van of the year ...

... trundled past this afternoon. Three-ish, I guess.

Previous years:

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Wednesday 03 March, 2010
#Lego Batman is fab

Lego Batman, one of Lego's many terrifically fab games, is my current favourite game on our still new'n'shiny Wii. It's fun, easy to play, and manages the remarkable feat of successfully combining elements of camp 60s Adam West Batman, Bruce Timm cartoons, Burton and Keaton's Batman, Norm Breyfogle Batmobile, with gentle humour and that old storyline stand-by of a mass breakout from Arkham Asylum. Best thing, though? Robin is correctly characterized as a bit of a dick.

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