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Friday 27 February, 2009

Just wrote quite a long piece about what's been going on in Arabica over the past four months then, like a burk, killed Firefox. Hurrr.

What I'd said, in a rather long winded and rambling way, was that import precedence is now works correctly for all cases, not just mainly implemented for the common cases, a couple of nagging little bits got sorted out, and over the past few weeks I've implemented xsl:key and key(). As many times before, James Clark's concise and subtle spec text has been a pleasure to work with, and I've surprised myself with how easily I've been able to implement a feature. I've been working with this code for a long time now, but it really is holding up.

johnwcowan said No comfort, no doubt, to learn that it's rightly spelled "berk", being short for "Berkeley Hunt", which rhymes with ... [added 1st Mar 2009]
John, thank you so, so much. That is marvellous. [added 1st Mar 2009]

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Wednesday 18 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Bash "nohup"s Background Jobs
If you don't understand what that says, then you don't need to know it. If you do, but didn't know then repeat after me "ah, cool!"

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Monday 16 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Comeuppance?
Politeness costs nothing.

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Friday 13 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Wall Street Canít Count - Itís a chart showing the deterioration of major bank market caps since 2007. Prepared by someone at JP Morgan based on data from Bloomberg, this chart flashed across Wall Street and the financial world a few days ago, filling thousands of e-mail in boxes. Putting a face on the current banking crisis it really brought home to many people on Wall Street the critical position the financial industry finds itself in.

Too bad the chart is wrong.

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Tuesday 10 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Pipe Viewer - Pipe viewer is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline.
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Monday 09 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] U Stink but I Luv U - Bill bit the head off a cow.
Billy and the Boingers on MySpace. I'll say it again slowly. Billy. And. The. Boingers. On. MySpace. This is one of those times when we really are living in a meta-fictional science-future.

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Wednesday 04 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Print 'N' Play Freebies That Are Worth The Effort
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Tuesday 03 February, 2009
#[linkfarm] Google Tech Talk about Emacs Org-mode
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