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Tuesday 31 May, 2005

Hello Garry. Hello Mum. Hello Marv and Matt. Hello everyone.

It's slightly redundant to say it, but I am still alive. Honest. Had a bit of a stretch of doing lots of work, then a bit of a stretch of not having any work so did lots of work of my own devising instead. I've been cranking away on a .NET version of this and banging out bits of this for instance. And fretting, obviously. I always fret a bit when I'm not working, although I generally put a good face on things and remind myself that things usually seem to work out ok. I rely on Nattle telling me when we're about to find ourselves on the street (when I'll have to try and get one of these), and until she does I shouldn't have to worry. But I do anyway. A bit.

smellygit said You might not be alive, you might have written a JezBot to con us into thinking so!

I couldn't get u any work at our place cos u don't live in India. [added 31st May 2005]

Gevs said Welcome back! [added 1st Jun 2005]
A former client once cheerfully told me he could get a room full of East European programmers for what it was costing to hire me, so thanks for all your hard work, but my Slovakian roomful will be doing the next release.

That was over a year ago, and as far as I know they've not shipped yet. [added 1st Jun 2005]

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#[linkfarm] 'Watergate source' breaks cover
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#[Arabica]XPath: node set functions
Committed local-name(ns?), namespace-uri(ns?) and name(ns?) this morning. I can probably live without id(o) and lang(s) for the moment.
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Friday 27 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] PapiJump

   * chris [e] said yee [added 20th Nov 2007]

   * he [e] said it is minted

[added 20th May 2009]

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#[Arabica]XPath: string functions

Committed implementations of most of the string functions: concat(s,s,s*), starts-with(s,s), string-length(s?), contains(s,s), substring-before(s,s), substring-after(s,s), substring(s,n,n?), normalize-space(s?), and translate(s,s,s). That's all the string functions done.

Remaining functions are id(o), local-name(ns?), namespace-uri(ns?), name(ns?), and lang(s). Other stuff remaining - relational operators, the namespace axis, revisiting union, and sorting some things into document order.

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#[linkfarm] Build a Skype phone
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Thursday 26 May, 2005
#[Arabica]XPath: round() and sum()
Another couple of functions off the list. That's all the number functions done.
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Wednesday 25 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] What kind of nutjob came up with a marketing campaign that needs explaining.
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#[linkfarm] How to start using BitTorrent to download files
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#[linkfarm] Hymn Project
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#[linkfarm] WinAmp IPod Plug-In Sets Music Free
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#[linkfarm] More About Custom DTDs
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Tuesday 24 May, 2005
#[Arabica]XPath: more functions and NaN
Still grinding away adding functions. I've started adding proper handling of NaN number values.
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Friday 20 May, 2005
#[Arabica]XPath: boolean functions.
Committed boolean() and not(). Refactored the function stuff a bit, to make everything easier to implement.
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Thursday 19 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] BitTorrent Goes Trackerless
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Wednesday 18 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] XP services and their dependencies, along with recommendations as to whether they should be enabled
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Monday 16 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] XQuery myths and misunderstandings
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Friday 13 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] Adventure Game Studio
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Thursday 12 May, 2005
#[linkfarm] Hiring is Obsolete
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#[linkfarm] Roger Penrose and the Road to Reality
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#[linkfarm] Help Classpath
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Monday 09 May, 2005
#Moseley Ward By-Election Results

Can't find these results on the City website, and Google keeps sending people this way, so here they are.

Barry Henley (Labour)416237.4
Zaman Khan (LibDem)389835.0
Barry Hands (Conservative)188917.0
Stuart Masters (Green)118410.6
John H [e] said I can't believe that the elections are over already. Over on this side of the pond the whole thing takes over a year, they're only voting to fill one position and they still get it wrong! [added 10th May 2005]
Gevs said Where's everybody gone??????? [added 27th May 2005]

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#[linkfarm] Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers!
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#[linkfarm] The Endecoder
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The first batches of this year's ducklings hatched while I was away. There are two broods of four each. One batch look about 10 days old, the others maybe 5 or 6 days. Four now probably means that 7 or 8 hatched initially - the duckling attrition rate is pretty high in the first week. Hopefully now most of them will stay the course. Without wishing to sound too much like a complete spod, this year's are over a week earlier than last year's.

mattb said We went down to the canal by Wooton Warwen yesterday to see if the ducklings were out yet, but only saw one batch of about five of six. There weren't many other ducks around either, male nor female. [added 9th May 2005]
Come to the park with me tomorrow. There was a new brood this evening, presumably fresh today, 10 of the little blighters. Yay. [added 9th May 2005]
mattb said I'd be glad to. It's really Anna that needs to see them though, she freaks when she sees ducklings. [added 9th May 2005]
In a good way or a bad way? [added 9th May 2005]
Anna said They make me go a bit girly, what Gerald Durrell describes as 'an appalling fubsy attitude' [added 10th May 2005]
Then you;d have completely girlied out this evening. The new brood now numbers 13 or 14 (difficult to count, because they don't keep still). If you're on the corner of Church Road and Woodbridge Road tomorrow morning at six, you can come with me and see them. [added 10th May 2005]
Marv said It's a really nice offer, but that early in the morning is beyond me. I am incredibly lazy and have no intention of improving. Are evenings any good? [added 10th May 2005]
I normally walk Dogger at about 5 in the afternoon, so you're not back from work. How would Sunday suit? [added 11th May 2005]
Marv said The ducklings were very sweet. Thank you. You have convinced us to get a key to the park. [added 13th May 2005]

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#[linkfarm] Link Toolbar
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Sunday 08 May, 2005
#[Arabica]XPath: unary minus

Implemented unary minus.

Still outstanding are the relational operators, the namespace axis (been putting that one off because it'll take longer than an hour, which is my normal development episode for this stuff), and most of the functions. Nearly done. Nearly, nearly done.

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Friday 06 May, 2005
#Do you have my vote?

Been on holiday. It was good. One day, we'll take the kids somewhere other than Cornwall and they'll become all confused and distressed.

We decided to go rather late on, after the election was called, so Nattle and I applied for postal ballots. On the 21st of April, we both received letters saying ok, they'd arrive about a week before polling day. We left on the Friday afternoon beforehand, by which time they had not arrived. I wasn't overly concerned at the time, but by the time I climbed in the car last night to come home I was really quite cheesed off. As well as the parlimentary election, we also had a council bye-election where a few votes one way or the other might make all the difference. I'd been disenfranchised. Bollocks.

Picking through the accumulated post this morning revealed no ballot papers. They had not arrived. The chap at the election office tells me that all the postal ballots should have arrived by Saturday morning at the latest. There have, however, been several reports of missing papers and there is an investigation already under way. Fingers crossed for cock-up rather than conspiracy.

- Postal vote fraud, or even the sniff of fraud, is undoubted a touchy subject in the city elections office.
- The Times: Police in the Birmingham Sparkwood and Small Heath constituency are also investigating an allegation that a Labour supporter applied for postal votes in his neighbours' names.
- LibDems in Ladywood are muttering challenging the result there, although it seems slightly unbelievable that anyone would think Clare Short needed an illegal legup
- Roger Godsiff reelected in my constituency, Small Heath and Sparkbrook, but check that Respect vote - if not for them we'd have another LibDem cluttering up the place
- local LibDem councillor John Hemming elected as MP for Yardley at (I think) fourth attempt. Says he intends to remain a coucillor - as leader of the local LibDems he's deputy leader of the council (in coalition with the Tories). Also previously talked about how much work being a councillor is. A fellow LibDem councillor has talked about 60 hours weeks. How will he fit in both jobs? Presumably he will use his new status as a club to beat the Tory councillors on the one hand and other local MPs, all Labour, on the other Evening Mail reports he will stand down as a councillor after all.
- Moseley ward elects Barry Henley, Labour. Good.
smellygit said Lib Dem vote went up nearly 9% in our constituency. Result? Conservative MP (by about 500 votes) :( [added 6th May 2005]
smellygit said Hey - if you don't login, make a comment and put a name in the name field that exists as a jezuk account, it's recognised as one - Security loop hole dood! [added 6th May 2005]
(It's taken you this long to notice? When I cba I'll fix it.) [added 6th May 2005]
John Hemming [e] [w] said Just to avoid confusion I said I would remain as a councillor, but not as Deputy Leader of the Council.

I am currently planning to Chair the Lib Dem Group on the City Council and Chair the Birmingham Strategic Partnership. The people who have the power to make those decisions are happy with those proposals.

[added 14th May 2005]

Thanks for clearing that up.

Looking at the Evening Mail piece again, I obviously did misread it. Good luck with your new job as an MP. When do you plan to sleep though :) [added 15th May 2005]

prashton said Well, I had the same problem but not in Birmingham. Cotswold District sent out forms that arrived on the day you had to mail them back in to beat the deadline. As I might have been abroad on Election Day I sent in my form (by Freepost) but never received anything in return. I went to Canada and came back on polling day to vote (not especially to vote but my work was done anyway). I went to the polling station and my name was on the roll. So I voted. but I also created a stink with the local representative of the returns officer. He gave me an address to write to. Surprise - no response as yet. [added 17th May 2005]
If you'd been registered for a postal vote, you wouldn't have been allowed to vote in person. That suggests you application didn't arrive in time (or just didn't arrive). [added 17th May 2005]
prashton said Yes, you're probably right, it probably never arrived (in time). I wondered about Freepost when I mailed it. I mean, is Freepost likely to be first class? But remember, I mailed the form in the same day I received it. Next time I will pre-empt the system by applying for the postal vote the day the election is anounced! [added 20th May 2005]

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#[linkfarm] So, when will KHTML merge all the WebCore changes?
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