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Thursday 26 June, 2003
#[linkfarm] Comics On The Net - A Business Primer
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Saturday 21 June, 2003
# Listening to the discussion on Any Answers, about the appointment of Jeffrey John as the Bishop of Reading, it took a little over five minutes before a caller objects to "the modern use of the word gay". In the kind of flat south Norfolk accent I spent my childhood trying to not acquire, he continued "In my language gay means happy and joyous, and in my experience not many homosexuals could be described as that."

Just fuck off! Take your bigotry and pedantry and just FUCK OFF!
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# Now I use SpamAssassin (specifically in the form of SAProxy), most Spam goes straight into the bit bucket. The odd pieces that do slip through generally offer me biggest breasts, a bigger penis, or both. Perhaps I'm lacking, but I've had no complaints. Boom! Boom!.

Anyway, one got through this morning and it's a corker. If you need QUICK EASY AND INEXPENSIVE SEPTIC TANK MAINTENANCE, then click on through.

Jez [w] said This is a good one too - http://www.be-arsed.com/blog/archives/000020.html [added 21st Jun 2003]

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# After popping up in the morning suggesting that perhaps, maybe, a new upper tax bracket might not be an entirely bad thing, Peter Hain decided not to say it again after being crapped on by the Prime Minister, Iain Duncan Smith, and seemingly everyone else in the House of Commons except the Lib Dems.

Is it really that controversial? The top rate of tax here is 40%, which is on the low side compared with the rest of Europe and with the US. It kicks in at around 38,000 a year, again on the low side. Three million people pay tax at the top rate - about 1 in 10 of taxpayers. Introducing a new 50% band at 100 thousand a year would raise approximately 5 billion (apparently). By contrast, a penny on the basic rate raises around 2 billion. If taxes need to rise, go for the former. If you're paid two thousand quid a week, at a time when average wages aren't two thousand a month, you can, frankly, afford it.

angry_john said Hmm, not sure about the maths there Jez. I think some PWC dewd on the today program was saying that a 50% band at 100,000 would raise only 1 billion 'cause it won't hit that many people. [added 22nd Jun 2003]
smellygit said spot the banker :p [added 23rd Jun 2003]
I got the 5 billion figure from a BBC correspondant on either World At One or The World Tonight, I forget which. I'll see if I can find a source online, but it sounds more plausable than 1 billion - that seems very low. [added 23rd Jun 2003]
angry_john said The source I quoted used is still available from the Today website - 20th June, 0709 in the running order. A bloke called John Whiting (?) from PWC (ok, they are fat cats of a certain order) said that introducing a 100,000, 50% tax wouldn't get much cash (around 1bn) because of the number of people it hits.

Interstingly he also believes that raising the 40% threshold to 40,000 would cost the treasury 4bn - to claw that back from the 'rich' would result in punative levels of taxation heading towards 80% of the taxable income.

Not sure about any of this - I certainly haven't worked through the maths myself - however thats what the bloke said, unchallenged, on the Today programme.

[added 24th Jun 2003]

Buckeye [e] said Not long before I buggered off to "the land of the free etc etc etc" I heard that only approximately 100,000 people earn't over 100,000 pounds a year. Does that still seem plausible? Assuming that that number is right, those 100,000 people would have to have earnings of 10 billion pounds in the 50% bracket inorder for the treasury to make its 5 billion cut. That means each individual would have to earn an average of 100,000 pounds over and above the 100G they earned to get to that bracket. Now that I do the maths it seems entirely probable given that the fat cat CEO of my old firm makes 500,000 just for being alive.

I say tax the bastards! [added 24th Jun 2003]

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Thursday 19 June, 2003
# The only time I've had a proper job description was at The Open University. It was a long, detailed document that basically boiled down to do what your boss wants you to, unless it's illegal. So, I wrote software, build bits of electronics, strapped roofracks onto LandCruisers, and repairing a set of flourescent strip lights that had been damaged by flying champaign corks. That last one happened after boss Colin has been made a Fellow of The Royal Society. He cracked open the champaign at 9.30 in the morning, and things got a little rowdy.

Having successfully seen Beagle2 on its way, Colin was awarded a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Bet he trashed the place.
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# Chanced upon Miss Universe 2003 on LivingTV last night. Beauty pageants wouldn't normally rate high on my list-of-things-I-absolutely-mustn't-miss, but ...

As the programme opens, a breezy American voice tells us that seventy-one of "the World's most beautiful women" are "here in beatiful Panama City, in the beautiful country of Panama". Living's own disembodied commentator's voice comes in "Seventy one? It's going to be a long night." Later, he comes out with "This Panama place looks ok. I might choose it as the destination of my next fly-and-flop holiday", "If she [Miss Serbia and Montenegro] wins, they'll need a bigger sash" and, fantastically, "Arn't they all lovely. Even the ones who look like pre-ops."
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Saturday 14 June, 2003
#[linkfarm] The Challenges of Remote Collaboration
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Friday 13 June, 2003
#[linkfarm] ThinkGeek: Geek In Training
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#[linkfarm] Mozilla search plugins
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Thursday 12 June, 2003
#[linkfarm] Writing Faster Managed Code: Know What Things Cost
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#[linkfarm] The war over templating
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Wednesday 11 June, 2003
# It's the DFS Classic Tennis this week. I wonder if the winner gets no prize money for the first year, then the balance in easy monthly installments for the next three years.
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#[linkfarm] CSS ain't rocket science
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Tuesday 10 June, 2003
# Sorted out last night's bit of grief. I had
while(j < max)
instead of
while(j <= max)

21 years, I've been programming computers of one sort of another. 21 years, and I let an off-by-one error bite me on the bum. Where is my brain?
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# It's Prince Philip's birthday today, and he's having a trip to Legoland.

hm_the_q: what would 1 like to do 4 ur birthday philip?
phil_the_greek: well, liz, I'd really like a trip out to Legoland
hm_the_q: Legoland? Isn't that a bit childish?
phil_the_greek: Damn it, Liz I'm bloody nearly king!
phil_the_greek: If I want to go to Legoland, I'll bloody well go to Legoland
anonymous said philip should havea great trip to legoland

[added 17th Jan 2006]

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Monday 09 June, 2003
# You think your software's doing what it should. And then it doesn't. Arse.
anonymous said what can he software doing [added 2nd Dec 2005]

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#You wanted colour? You got colour!
Well, some anyway. If you've created yourself a login, then bonk on the User Settings link up there in the top right corner and take your pick of the (small) range of colours available.
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#The Most Amazing Software Ever Written?
In a move that amazed and confused everyone, SCO recently sued IBM for $1 billion, alledging that IBM smuggled SCO's Unix code into Linux. This, SCO claim, turned Linux from a knackered old bit of crap into a world beating enterprise computing platform, or something. The position is further confused by the fact that Novell say they own the Unix copyrights and patents, the Unix trademark resides somewhere else still, and until very recently SCO themselves had a Linux product of their own and are still part of UnitedLinux.

If this all seems very confusing, that's because it is. I don't watch soap operas, so I'm not really skilled at keeping a dozen different incestuous relationships clear in my head. Frankly, I'm flummoxed.

Throughout all this, people have been asking SCO to put up, or shut up. They finally have (sort of - they showed the code to a couple of analysts who were NDAed to the hilt) and the result is, apparently,

Claybrook and another analyst who had been given an opportunity to see examples of the alleged theft said the blocks of Unix and Linux were strikingly similar. The two blocks of software, they said, contained as many as 80 lines of identical code, along with identical developers' comments.
80 lines? Piss off. If 80 lines out of the several hundred thousand that make up the Unix and Linux source could do $1 billion dollars worth of damage, then they must be the 80 most incredible lines of code in the history of computing.
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Wednesday 04 June, 2003
# There's reason I've haven't redesigned The Coffee Grounds in the three and half odd years since I started it. Chances are it now looks even more horrid than it did before. Leave a note with your browser and operating system combination, and I'll try and do something about it.
Nick [e] [w] said Gecko on pretty much every platform. Good thing it's a cross platform rendering engine. :-) [added 4th Jun 2003]
ajbattrick said Gimmie some Color and some Colour Jez.

Grey's like a sad Monday morning.

Me's XP & IE6 [added 4th Jun 2003]

angry_john said Jez mate, this mings !

I'm viewing on Win98 + IE 5.5 (not giving Bill any more money :-) ) however a screenshot of what you are hoping it should look like would allow me to judge whether it's your taste that is at fault as opposed to the browser :-p [added 5th Jun 2003]

ajbattrick said I'm sure I left a comment here already [added 6th Jun 2003]
ajbattrick said commenting is broken [added 6th Jun 2003]
... and now they are mended. [added 7th Jun 2003]
No, really they are. [added 7th Jun 2003]
smellygit said the entries don't have the time of posting on anymore - u tryign to make it 'timeless' :p [added 10th Jun 2003]
AngryJohn [e] said Hmmm, your comment made at 14:13, 10th June 2003 don't look so smart now does it Mr Stinky ! [added 16th Jun 2003]
smellygit said On the blog entries - not the comments u crazy fule :p [added 17th Jun 2003]

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Tuesday 03 June, 2003
#[linkfarm] The Porter Stemming Algorithm
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Monday 02 June, 2003
# If you've received an email entitled Re: Screensaver claiming to be from jez@jezuk.demon.co.uk, it didn't come from me. Don't open it (although if you've found your way here, it's probably too late), just delete it because it's a virus. If you feel you want to do something about it, check the full text of the message, see where it originated (see example below), then bang off a mail to abuse@that_place asking them if they can do something about it. They probably can't, but at least you had a go.
Received: from  STATION3 (host217-44-91-34.range217-44.btcentralplus.com 
[]) by rly-xl02.mx.aol.com (v93.12) with ESMTP id 
MAILRELAYINXL23-5b73edb99793d7; Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:37:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Screensaver
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 19:37:53 +0100
Importance: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Message-ID: <200306021437.03OUXZQrX2Bwv@rly-xl02.mx.aol.com>
See that Received: line? That's where the mail came from, in this case a btcentralplus.com subscriber somewhere in Ealing. They're may be several Received: - take the bottom-most one.
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#[linkfarm] (Secure) SHell FileSystem Linux kernel module (shfs/sshfs)
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# Beagle2 launches on the Mars Express today
Just hope it gets up there ok.
Yes! http://real.capcave.com/ramgen/esa/mex_rerun.rm [added 2nd Jun 2003]

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