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Friday 27 February, 2009

Just wrote quite a long piece about what's been going on in Arabica over the past four months then, like a burk, killed Firefox. Hurrr.

What I'd said, in a rather long winded and rambling way, was that import precedence is now works correctly for all cases, not just mainly implemented for the common cases, a couple of nagging little bits got sorted out, and over the past few weeks I've implemented xsl:key and key(). As many times before, James Clark's concise and subtle spec text has been a pleasure to work with, and I've surprised myself with how easily I've been able to implement a feature. I've been working with this code for a long time now, but it really is holding up.

No comfort, no doubt, to learn that it's rightly spelled "berk", being short for "Berkeley Hunt", which rhymes with ...
johnwcowan, 1st Mar 2009
John, thank you so, so much. That is marvellous.
jez, 1st Mar 2009

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