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Friday 17 October, 2008
#Arabica: Cutting October 2008 release

A couple of months ago a release was, I said, impending. And it really was, but then I found a niggly thing I really want to fix. And went on holiday. And got really busy at work. And all that other stuff that happens when you're not programming.

There really is a release coming now, because I'm cutting it now. The source bundles will probably go are up on Sourceforge this evening now, and tagged in subversion. Release notes should follow later this weekend or early next week. I'll write up the niggly thing too, because it's quite a nice one.

The last release was just over a year ago. That's probably a bit too long.

Is Taggle part of this release? If so, I'll propagate this to the TagSoup community.
John Cowan [e] [w], 18th Oct 2008
Hi John, Taggle is indeed part of this release.
jez, 20th Oct 2008

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