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Wednesday 06 August, 2008
#XSLT: Variable resolution

After a bit of break, I've spent time hacking on Arabica again, which has been lovely. It's really rather relaxing to just nurdle around in your own code, without any particular pressure or need. My normal way of working on Arabica's XSLT processor is to run some of the test suite, pick a failing case, and fix it. If I can get a few more tests passing in half an hour or an hour, and I generally can, then that's a little step further along.

In this latest little bit of activity, I've been focussing on variables and variable resolution. I've fixed various problem with circular references, scoping, namespace resolution, and what I thought was going to be a thorny problem with import precedence.

What constantly surprises me is how straightforward most of these problems are, requiring only a few lines of code. In fact this has been the story of Arabica's XSLT development. Once the initial development push was done, almost all the rest has been a few lines here, a few lines there. I've been working away on this now for coming up three years, on and off and with digressions, and have no idea when I'll be done, but I that doesn't bother me at all. It's like an old pair of slippers, or favourite woolly jumper. It's a comfortable, gentle thing to slip into and go for a stroll in every now and again.

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