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Thursday 31 January, 2008
#Taggle: Building the code

If you've grabbed the code from subversion:

svn co svn://jezuk.dnsalias.net/jezuk/arabica/branches/tagsoup-port
you might be wondering how to build it.

For Visual Studio 2005 users, open up the vs8\taggle.sln project and build away. It should just work. If it doesn't, then check the project build notes for information on setting up search paths and things.

For Unixy types, you will need a mighty three steps:

  1. autoreconf - to create the configure script
  2. ./configure - to dig out where the various bits and pieces Arabica needs are, and to create the Makefiles
  3. make - to, erm, make everything

Problems, questions, issues? Get in touch.

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