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Friday 19 October, 2007
#XPath: Interface changes

Some time ago, it was gently suggested to me that XPathValuePtr and XPathExpressionPtr both exposed an implementation detail, because they derive fromboost::shared_ptr, and provided an interface that was inconsisted with the DOM classes, because you accessed the member functions via -> rather than through the . operator.

At the time, I was just pleased to have got the XPath stuff done and wasn't really fussed, so I left it. Since then though, it's niggled and niggled away at the back of my mind and now I've decided to do something about it.

XPathValuePtr will become XPathValue, with the member functions accessed through the . operator. The XPathValuePtr name and -> member access will be retained for the meantime, so that existing code won't be broken. XPathExpressionPtr will be similarly changed.

First commit went in this evening, now I've satisfied myself that the the changes are pretty easy so long as I pay attention.

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