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Wednesday 05 September, 2007
#Arabica: What's going on next? Progress

  1. All Arabica header files will have .hpp rather than .h extensions..
  2. Anything in a directory called Util is liable to be renamed to something more descriptive.
  3. The SAX and DOM namespaces will be moved into the Arabica namespace.
  4. Those template classes which are only parameterised on string type will be extended to take a string adaptor class as well.
  5. Template classes named basic_Something will be renamed Something. This primarily effects SAX classes. (Stream classes excepted here, for consistency with Standard Library.)
  6. Typedef of templates on particular string classes will be removed. Again, this primarily effects SAX classes. (Again, stream classes excepted.)
  7. (Anything else along these lines that occurs to me.)

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