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Thursday 19 July, 2007
#XSLT: The Big Merge

Since I started on my XSLT development it's hung out on its own Subversion branch, so as not to clutter up the trunk with something that was half-cocked. In the meantime, I've committed various little changes and fixes to the trunk, and so the two have started to diverge.

For the next piece of XSLT development, I'm looking to implement it using some DOM Level 3 facilities. Aha! They don't exist yet, but would clearly be useful in their own right and so I'd like to have that stuff on the trunk too.

After some humming and harring, I've merged the dev branch into the mainline. The XSLT isn't finished, but there's enough there to be useful in certain circumstances, so I don't feel it pollutes the place too much. I've committed a big set up changes to svn this evening. It all builds ok, although I'm seeing one or two regressions in the tests. The XSLT tests unsurprisingly have loads of fails and may, depending on your platform, core dump.

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