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Thursday 22 March, 2007
#XSLT: Tests again

Working away on the OASIS test suite again. My numbers are now 2742 run, 1549 failures, 53 errors. Progress, I'd call it.

Getting better all the time :) 2742/1492/30
jez, 23rd Mar 2007
2742/1486/30. Yay
jez, 23rd Mar 2007
jez, 23rd Mar 2007
2742/1477/30. I really should get on with my conference slides.
jez, 23rd Mar 2007
2742/1421/30. Should really be in bed now.
jez, 24th Mar 2007
2742/1409/30. Ok, that's it.
jez, 24th Mar 2007
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