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Friday 05 January, 2007
#XSLT: extension functions

Started work implementing the handful of functions XSLT adds to XPath. Some of them are easy-peasy

The current function returns a node-set that has the current node as its only member.
while others are not quite so ...
The format-number function converts its first argument to a string using the format pattern string specified by the second argument and the decimal-format named by the third argument, or the default decimal-format, if there is no third argument. The format pattern string is in the syntax specified by the JDK 1.1 DecimalFormat class. The format pattern string is in a localized notation: the decimal-format determines what characters have a special meaning in the pattern (with the exception of the quote character, which is not localized). The format pattern must not contain the currency sign (#x00A4); support for this feature was added after the initial release of JDK 1.1. The decimal-format name must be a QName, which is expanded as described in [2.4 Qualified Names]. It is an error if the stylesheet does not contain a declaration of the decimal-format with the specified expanded-name.
That's clear then. So make it work just like the first version of JDK 1.1. Righto.
NOTE:Implementations are not required to use the JDK 1.1 implementation, nor are implementations required to be implemented in Java.
Well, thanks for that.

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