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Thursday 07 September, 2006
#Arabica September 2006 Release

Frighteningly, I've just cut a new Arabica release, a mere month after the previous one. On the one hand I'm happy to announce this, because it's a quite significant. On the other I'm not, because the reason I've had time to do it is because I haven't had any work. Don't be afraid to get in touch if you need an extra pair of hands.

This release significantly simplifies the build procedure, as I've finally abandoned my increasingly unwieldy collection of Makefile variables in favour if GNU Autotools. Arabica has been autoconfiscated, so on any reasonable Unix box the familiar incantation of ./configure - make - make install will do the business.

The configure script will check for Expat, Libxml2 or Xerces, in that order, and use which ever it finds first. It also confirms the Boost libraries are available. Finally, it checks for std::wstring support. If std::wstring isn't available, then the appropriate bits of the build are turned off.

As part of autoconfiscating the build, the source tree has been rearranged slightly. The library source files have been split out from the header files, which makes it much easier to sort out installing the built library. The Visual Studio 7 solution files have also been moved out of the main tree into their own subdirectory.

This release introduces no new functionality or bug fixes.

The release has been successfully built on Linux, Cygwin, FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD. Built reports on other platforms, particularly those not using GCC, would be welcome.

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