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Monday 03 October, 2005

Committed several big patches over the last week or so, the end result of which is that the XPath engine, DOM and SAX are (as far as I can tell) fully parameterised on string type. There are a couple of things left to clear up, but it's essentially done.

Up to now, the XPath engine had been confined to std::strings, so this is good news I think. By way of a test, I've been building and testing using this custom string class
  class silly_string
    silly_string(const silly_string& rhs);
    bool operator==(const silly_string& rhs) const;
    silly_string& operator=(const silly_string& rhs);
  }; // class silly_string

Default and copy constructor, equality and assignment operators - I think those are reasonable things to expect from a string class :) Everything else is dealt with by the string adaptor class, which I've also reworked a little. I'll describe that in more detail later.

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